Do not use ‘git checkout’ anymore

1 min readAug 4, 2022


What is ‘git switch and git restore’

It’s a command that Git has added in Git 2.23. It works similarly to the checkout command. But not exactly same. To understand more deeply, let’s summarize the role of checkout.

What is role of checkout?

checkout : Switch branches or restore working tree files

official docs explains checkout like above. Git 2.23 made two other command to separate and replace this.

Two new command

  • switch: switch branches
  • restore: Restore working tree files

You can now write commands specifically for situations that are much more appropriate.

if you want to switch branches than we can use

git switch develop
# same as 'git checkout develop'
git switch -c new-branch
# same as 'git checkout -b new-branch'

and also you can use if you restore a file

git restore
# same as 'git checkout --'
git restore --staged
# same as 'git reset HEAD'

Like this now we don’t need to use checkout anymore :)




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